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Is Methodmaths GDPR compliant?

Do you offer any training?

Yes. Please see our full privacy policy here

We are always happy to offer remote training if you request it. If you would like bespoke onsite training, please contact us or one of our partners who have successfully implemented methodmaths in many schools.




How do I upload students?

Firstly, you need to have administrator access.  When you login it will tell you this at the top of the screen and you will see a green pupil icon on a grey background in the top right hand corner.  Follow this link and it will take you to our upload page where you can add students.

When we first set up your account we will send you a demo file full of disney characters as a csv document.  You will need to add new rows to this form for your real students.  An example of it is here.

The UPN is crucial and must be unique for each student as this is the primary key and all work a student completes will be attached to this information. It does not have to be a real upn but it must be unique.  We also advise not to use a upn with a leading zero as this can cause problems further down the line when you wish to make amendments.  

Account Type must be set to P for students.  

The Username and Password is your choice. We would recommend using another existing set of login details but if you do decide to create brand new ones, keep them fairly short and all lowercase. 

Finally for new accounts you must place an A in Action column to add.

Once you have updated the csv form and saved it locally to your machine you can now upload it into methodmaths much like an attachment.


How do I delete students?


The process is the same as above but you must place a D in the Action column before upload.


How do I move students into different classes or change year group?

Just amend your master csv file by changing the class codes accordingly. This will not impact on any student data. You do not need to place anything in the action column if you are making alterations.


When I try to upload the csv file it seems to hang and not complete.

There are three main causes for this problem that we have identified. Firstly ensure that your spreadsheet contains the correct headers. Secondly, school firewalls can often block the transfer of the data to our website. It is worth trying the upload away from school to see if this is the case.  The final culprit is where student names contain apostrophes. You can use the search and find tool in excel to remove these characters from the csv file. 


How can I check who has accounts in the system at any one time?

If you are an existing customer or a new HOD who has taken over the administration of methodmaths you may not have access to your school csv file.  To generate an up to date record, go to the green pupil icon link and then download the existing users csv file.  This file will show you all the users in the system including teachers and other administrators.

You may notice that the password column is blank.  This is due to encryption at our end. If you leave this blank for future uploads, existing passwords will remain unaffected. If you do wish to amend passwords of existing users, just add them back in before upload.


How do I add teachers and more administrators?

Much like pupils, but you will need to use a T or an A in the Account Type column.  You must also complete all of the other row entries even if the details are dummy codes. You do not need to assign teachers to specific groups. Once they login they can use the filters to find their classes.


I have uploaded students and I can see them in the dropdown menus but when I try and login as them it says invalid.

There are two common reasons for this. The first is that you may have created two different users (UPN numbers) but have assigned identical usernames and passwords.  The other cause is that you may have uploaded invisible spaces at the end of usernames and passwords. Check the csv file for these and remove before upload.



Will the website update with new papers once they become available?

Yes, although it usually takes us several months to rebuild them once they are released.


How do I unlock content for student use?

By default all content in methodmaths is locked so that students cannot access tests before you are ready.  Against every test you will see a padlock symbol. Click on this to put a line through it and open the test for student use.


How do I control the automatic feedback?

By default all content has automatic feedback switched on. This means student will know how well they are doing on each question as they progress. If you wish to turn the feature off, click on the tick symbol next to the test to put a line through it.  As a teacher you will not see the effects of this in your teacher account.


How do I control whether students can access additional scaffolding?

By default all content has extra hints available to students on questions worth 3 or more marks.  To turn this off, you need to click on the question mark next to the test to put a line through it.


How can I reset a test?

If you need to reset a test, you can click on the R next to the test. It will give you a warning and if you accept, it will clear all of the data for that specific student and test. We cannot retrieve this information once you have removed it.


How can I apply specific settings in bulk?

You may wish to apply some of these settings to whole classes. For teachers, you will need to switch to test view which is the filter at the top of the dashboard on the left hand side. You will then need to use the other filters to select a test and class. Once you are happy you can use the tool icons below the test view filter to apply settings all at once.  For administrators, you can apply these settings in bulk to whole year groups by using the grey tool icon in the top right hand corner.


Is there a way to extract student performance data from the system?

Wherever you see a magnifying glass within the dashboard, it will allow you to download raw performance files from methodmaths. Students can also do this for their own test papers.  Teachers can also download a report for an entire class for one test by switching to test view and clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the screen


How can I track student access?

Sometimes you just want to know if students are login in at home and if so how much work they are completing correctly.  The red analytics button in the top right hand corner will allow you to do this.  The downloadable file will give you access to login counts, last access time and how many raw mark students have collected over various time periods. This is updated every 24 hours.


How do you tackle the problem solving questions?

On all questions worth 3 or more marks we provide scaffolding to help learners break the question down. We use the official mark scheme to lead us and our judgement on the most efficient approach if there are multiple ways of tackling the problem. If students wish to use a different method, they can still achieve full  marks on a question if the final answer is correct.  The only a student is restricted is when the question demands that working must be shown. In these cases we identify key values that students need to provide as evidence to support their final answer.


Is there a way to amend student details without uploading the csv file?

Teacher and administrators can very quickly make individual alteration to student accounts by selecting a student in the drop down filter and clicking on the pencil next to their name. Alternatively, switching to test view and clicking on a student’s name will achieve the same outcome. In both cases, this will bring up an on screen box which you can use to amend passwords/class codes etc.


When are you going to add 9 - 1 grades into the new papers?

Now that we have some live grade boundaries to work with following the June 2017 exams, we have applied these measures to all of the practice test materials.


How can I leave comments on students work?

On questions which require students to do some working you will notice a pencil on the question.  Teachers can use this tool to model a solution or leave written comments. Students will see this in red.



Does methodmaths work
on ipads?


Unfortunately not yet.   If you cannot see the login boxes on the front page, this is a sure sign that your device does not support flash.  You can however use  Puffin Academy  to access our site.  It is not ideal but does at least mean you can interact with our questions.


I've forgotten my password, how can I find out what it is?

You will need to talk to your class teacher as we do not control student passwords.


I can login but cannot access the questions. Am I doing something wrong?

No.  If the padlock next to your test is not crossed out then your school hasn't released the test paper for you to work on. Check with your teacher as they will need to give you access.


How can I show some of my working out?

On questions that require working out, you will notice a pencil on the left hand side. Click on this to reveal a scratchpad that you can use to jot things down. Just drag and drop.


How do I turn the
scaffolding on?

On higher mark questions you will notice a question mark symbol. Click on this to reveal some clues on how to break the question down.


What does the
colour coding mean?

When a question is answered partially correct it will turn pale grey.  When it is completed fully, it will turn a particular colour to reflect its position in the test and how this relates to grade boundaries. For instance, on the new 9 - 1 tests, a question that turns green is within grade 4 territory or C on legacy tests.