How hard do year 11 really work?

Every year I look back to my own experience as a year 11 Maths teacher and more recently the teams of year 11 teachers that I currently support and my observations always bring me back to this same question. Teachers are breaking their backs to ensure that their students reach their potential and I am constantly amazed by the commitment and passion that I see.  But it’s got to be a two way process.  How hard are these kids really working at a collective level? How much practice are they really doing outside of lessons and revision sessions? How do HODs keep an overview of this? This was the point of creating methodmaths in the first place.  I wanted my students to have access to a resource that was based on real exam questions, rich in interaction, would keep them motivated, and hold every student to account.

So it’s been 5 years now since we took methodmaths online and we are very proud to have supported over 1000 Edexcel schools with their GCSE revision.  We’ve been tinkering away at this for a long time and feel we have perfected the art of creating dynamic, interactive exam content that engages learners. In our humble opinion, no one else comes close. Today, we have finally finished and released every 9-1 test paper Pearson have produced. This now gives students access to 30 self marking tests in addition to 32 legacy papers and the 150 topic workbooks dating back to 2003 content!

Once we get some real grade boundaries in the Summer we will update the dashboard and the colour coding (we are thinking of something sparkly for grade 9!) The topic filter is proving very popular at the moment because students and teachers can explore a concept across specifications without losing how it sits within the bigger picture. Here is an example for Histograms

If you are not already on board with us, it might be too late for your current year 11. But we always need to keep an eye on year 10 and with the long summer holiday almost upon us this could be the prefect tool to keep their minds ticking over. The menu of test papers is set to grow again in September and January and we are also working on a topic specific test menu to support personalised learning.