32 legacy test papers

150 interactive topic excel workbooks

Key Features

1 Instant Feedback

Students want to know how well they are doing as they are working. Our resource is highly motivational in this respect and aims to encourage learners to reflect on their mistakes.  Every question is marked instantly and students are taught the expectations of the new 9-1 grade boundaries.

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2 Scaffolding

A unique feature of Methodmaths is that it supports multi – step and problem solving questions. Students will be rewarded for showing their working out!

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3 Carefully Handcrafted Questions

We pride ourselves on providing the most realistic, intuitive and supportive online practice environment for students.  Every question is carefully built to include a wide range of interactive elements and to follow the official mark scheme very closely.

4 Onscreen Notepad

We actively encourage students to show their working out on paper but there is a handy onscreen notepad that allows pupils to record their thinking. Teachers can also use it to leave feedback for students.

5 The Dashboard

Our summary dashboard brings all of a student’s hard work together in one place. Questions turn a specific colour to reflect successful completion and position relative to grade boundaries.

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The powerful filtering feature also allows teachers and students to focus on specific topics of weakness and can quickly find questions across a number of past and present specifications. Here is an example for Histograms.

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6 Teacher controls

We know teachers need to keep some test papers for real mocks. Methodmaths has a range of simple controls which dictate whether a student can access a test, receive instant feedback or have access to the additional scaffolding. Teachers can see the dashboard for any student or can switch view to see how a whole class is performing on a single test paper. All test results can be downloaded into simple spreadsheets for further analysis.

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Annual whole school subscription

(£500 + VAT)